Rosacea Clinical

Research Study

Enrolling Now

Compensation up to $625 for time and travel may be provided

Are You Hiding Because of
Moderate Facial Rosacea?

A 4-week clinical research study is being conducted to compare two investigational products for the treatment of moderate facial rosacea, a skin condition that typically presents as facial redness. In more moderate cases, skin irritation can occur. 


Those aged 18 years and up who meet the requirements will have 3 office visits and 1 phone visit. Participants will be compensated up to $625 for time and travel.

Our Research Centers

Twenty clinical research centers of excellence across the U.S. are conducting this clinical research study, selected for their experience in clinical trials, and their background in this branch of medical study.

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up to $625 for
time and travel
may be provided


Are You Eligible to Participate?

    To qualify, you should:

Be 18 years of age or older

Be screened in office

Have moderate facial rosacea

Be able to visit the clinic for 3 visits over 4 weeks

How to Enroll


Select the center closet to you (See our Locations page), complete a short contact request form, and click submit.

The research center will call you to determine if a screening visit will be scheduled based on current study openings and whether or not you meet the specific protocol criteria.

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